No more cpuspeed in F16

Brendan Jones at
Sun Nov 13 19:27:43 UTC 2011

On 11/13/2011 02:37 PM, Benjamín Valero Espinosa wrote:
> First of all, excuse me because maybe this is not the right list to ask
> this. After a clean install of Fedora 16 I have found there is no
> 'cpuspeed' package anymore. Googling a little I have found an alpha
> version of the release notes [1] telling this package has become
> obsolete and replaced for cpupowerutils.
> I used cpuspeed to slow down the processor if the temperature was very
> high, to prevent my old laptop to shut down, which happens when it is at
> 100% a lot of time, for example encoding a video. My problem is after
> reading documentation and googling a lot, I have not found a way to do
> the same with the new package. I hope anyone can help. Thank you.
> [1]
I stumbled across a similar problem trying to set the CPU frequency.

If you look at /etc/sysconfig/cpupwer you'll find these variables which 
are pulled in by the systemd service cpupower.service.

# See 'cpupower help' and cpupower(1) for more info
CPUPOWER_START_OPTS="frequency-set -g performance"
CPUPOWER_STOP_OPTS="frequency-set -g ondemand"

 From the service file:

Description=Configure CPU power related settings

ExecStart=/usr/bin/cpupower $CPUPOWER_START_OPTS
ExecStop=/usr/bin/cpupower $CPUPOWER_STOP_OPTS


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