upower question?

Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Wed Nov 16 10:50:08 UTC 2011


These days xfce4-session-logout will call UPower over DBUS to request
that the system Suspend when the user chooses to do so. upower will then
determine whether the user is authorized to perform this amazing feat,
and then a simple kernel interface is called to do the heavy lifting.

On a recently installed system running rawhide I notice that this is not
working for me. I click "suspend", my network drops...it looks hopeful,
then I see the network come back up. Of course, a simple cat into sysfs
does suspend the system, so it can work just fine.  Ok. So I download
the xfce4-session source and start looking. Then I write a simple DBus
utility to call upower directly, first to check I am allowed to suspend
(which I am), then to call Suspend directly. Same behavior. Something is
up in upower but before I go tearing that apart...any debug suggestions?

Meanwhile, I think the solution will be a simple icon on my panel marked
"suspend" that writes into sysfs the old fashioned way.


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