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Mon Nov 21 00:02:51 UTC 2011

The following Fedora 14 Security updates need testing:


The following Fedora 14 Critical Path updates have yet to be approved:


The following builds have been pushed to Fedora 14 updates-testing


Details about builds:

 olpc-kbdshim-22-2.fc14 (FEDORA-2011-16172)
 OLPC XO keyboard support daemon
Update Information:

update to latest olpc tools

* Sat Nov 19 2011 Peter Robinson <pbrobinson at fedoraproject.org> - 22-2
- cleanup spec
* Mon Nov 14 2011 Paul Fox <pgf at laptop.org>
- 22-1
- changing brightness no longer affects mono/color
- use ctrl-brightness-down/up will toggle mono/color
* Wed Oct 19 2011 Daniel Drake <dsd at laptop.org>
- 21-1
- Unmute audio on any volume change

 olpc-powerd-38-1.fc14 (FEDORA-2011-16172)
 OLPC XO power management
Update Information:

update to latest olpc tools

* Tue Nov 15 2011 <martin at laptop.org> - 38-1
- Add support for OLS and for sending and responding
  to ambient-adjust events (for OLS-driven dimming)
- Reimplement wakeup control for 1.75 (75% done)
- Don't change the color/mono setting of the display

 php-phpunit-phpcpd-1.3.4-1.fc14 (FEDORA-2011-16204)
 Copy/Paste Detector (CPD) for PHP code
Update Information:

Upstream 1.3.4

* Sun Nov 20 2011 Guillaume Kulakowski <guillaume DOT kulakowski AT fedoraproject DOT org> - 1.3.4-1
- upstream 1.3.4

  [ 1 ] Bug #754690 - php-phpunit-phpcpd-1.3.4 is available

 php-phpunit-phploc-1.6.4-1.fc14 (FEDORA-2011-16189)
 A tool for quickly measuring the size of a PHP project
Update Information:

Upstream 1.6.4

* Sun Nov 20 2011 Guillaume Kulakowski <guillaume DOT kulakowski AT fedoraproject DOT org> - 1.6.4-1
- upstream 1.6.4
* Tue Nov  1 2011 Christof Damian <christof at damian.net> - 1.6.2-1
- upstream 1.6.2
* Fri Feb 18 2011 Guillaume Kulakowski <guillaume DOT kulakowski AT fedoraproject DOT org> - 1.6.1-2
- Change pearinstaller version for RHEL6

  [ 1 ] Bug #754691 - php-phpunit-phploc-1.6.4 is available

 zarafa-7.0.3-1.fc14 (FEDORA-2011-16174)
 Open Source Edition of the Zarafa Collaboration Platform
Update Information:

Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.0.3 Final [30515]


 - Fix ZCP-8768: Memleak in GetDeferredCount().
 - Fix ZCP-8727: Mandriva packages contain wrong names and dependencies.
 - Fix ZCP-8769: Some threads fail to exit on server shutdown and can cause high load.
 - Fix ZCP-6574: There's a possible refcount issue with ECMsgStore and it's IMSLogon interface.
 - Fix ZCP-7895: FireFox drag and drop plugin does not work with Single sing on.
 - Fix ZCP-8353: Zarafa-server segfaults when migrating zarafa-client to 6.40.8.
 - Fix ZCP-8099: Zarafa-passwd: not possible to change passwd.
 - Fix ZCP-8119: Possible error in BaseRecurrence constructor.
 - Fix ZCP-8139: Support for forward as inline email rule.
 - Fix ZCP-8163: Index file of backup contains moved files twice (ZCP-6704) for subfolders.
 - Fix ZCP-8197: Headers not correctly parsed when an empty line is in the headers.
 - Fix ZCP-8242: Segfault zarafa-server 7.0.0. (Rare occasion)
 - Fix ZCP-8338: Optional attendee sees "undisclosed-recipients" as additional attendee.
 - Fix ZCP-8340: Zarafa-ical segfault on 6.40.11 during curl ics import.
 - Fix ZCP-8357: The Zarage Migration Tool  (and it's installer) should check for the correct .NET version instead of crashing when the correct version is absent.
 - Fix ZCP-8362: Zarafa-backup should use store GUIDs, not store ids to backup orphaned stores.
 - Fix ZCP-8366: Fix that accepting an exception the user gets the error "Can not find object".
 - Fix ZCP-8367: PR_ICON_INDEX value for cancellation meeting request mail is wrong.
 - Fix ZCP-8375: PR_PARENT_ENTRYID different for messages directly in the Public Folders IPM Subtree.
 - Fix ZCP-8411: Send as rights not correctly upgraded from 6.30 to 6.40 only 1 is saved.
 - Fix ZCP-8415: Include the final release of Zarafa migration tool in this release.
 - Fix ZCP-8417: Send email to emailaddress which contains space will fail.
 - Fix ZCP-8432: Zarafa-server may hang after TERM signal.
 - Fix ZCP-8421: Receive timeout too low for some XML requests.
 - Fix ZCP-8428: Zarafa-server Segfault in 6.40.11.(Rare occasion)
 - Fix ZCP-8455: Freebusy data not showing correctly in VBA.
 - Fix ZCP-8470: Create option to disable emailing to the group everyone.
 - Fix ZCP-8491: Fix PHP errors in debug.txt.
 - Fix ZCP-8519: Zarafa-ical high load on Zarafa 7.0.2. (Option to disable get in ical.cfg)
 - Fix ZCP-8521: Search folders containing single quotes break python upgrade script.
 - Fix ZCP-8529: IMAPITable cursor is wrong on modification.
 - Fix ZCP-8541: Zarafa-server segfault on shutdown.(Rare occasion)
 - Fix ZCP-8543: Re-doing a store migration with Zarafa-MSR fails.
 - Fix ZCP-8552: Zarafa-fsck segfault on 7.0.2 beta 1.(Rare occasion)
 - Fix ZCP-8553: Zarafa-dev package is broken.
 - Fix ZCP-8558: All day event changed back to all day event after you made a normal appointment of it.
 - Fix ZCP-8561: Option counter_reset not documented in server.cfg manpage.
 - Fix ZCP-8563: Extend the zarafa-admin --force-resync that a resync will also work when a user is moved with the Zarafa-msr.
 - Fix ZCP-8565: Server log line about --force-database-upgrade  option deprecated in version 7.
 - Fix ZCP-8567: Zarafa-indexer crashes if the default open file limit of 1024 is reached.
 - Fix ZCP-8571: Contacts are not displayed in multi-tenant setup when you have view privileges on other company.
 - Fix ZCP-8575: Zarafa-indexer sometimes complains about 'IndexRead out of date'.
 - Fix ZCP-8577: Do not migrate the property PR_INTERNET_CONTENT from exchange to zarafa with the Zarafa Migration Tool.
 - Fix ZCP-8579: Freebusy publish may crash when public doesn't work correctly.
 - Fix ZCP-8586: Caldav service segfault if the Authorization header base64 data doesn't contain a colon separator.
 - Fix ZCP-8587: Segfault zarafa-server 7.0.2.(Rare occasion)
 - Fix ZCP-8590: Zarafa schema doesn't include the sendasprivilege attribute for groups.
 - Fix ZCP-8600: Different customers reported the issue that spooler can hang after weekly logrotate.
 - Fix ZCP-8603: Cannot use caldav calendars on IOS5.
 - Fix ZCP-8605: Create an option which disables the storage of RFC822 files on disk when using IMAP to import messages.
 - Fix ZCP-8614: Zarafa-MSR cannot find user stores with non ascii characters in their names.
 - Fix ZCP-8621: Public calendar gives error messages in log with ical-4 and Thunderbird.
 - Fix ZCP-8616: Unable to accept a meeting request from Gmail via Mac ical.
 - Fix ZCP-8627: Zarafa-admin --list-companies and --details type company does not show set system admin.
 - Fix ZCP-8632: PR_HTML property broken with some messages after migration from Scalix.
 - Fix ZCP-8633: Recurring meeting request with exceptions from iCal contains attachments.
 - Fix ZCP-8641: Add full GAB resync capability.
 - Fix ZCP-8643: Unable to deliver to email adres that is shared by a contact and a user.
 - Fix ZCP-8645: BES connector usually needs server_address which is not in default config file.
 - Fix ZCP-8646: Remove all the mysql queries with NOW().
 - Fix ZCP-8689: Multiple day event will span 1 day early in October on black berry.
 - Fix ZCP-8692: Zararfa7-upgrade script exits when it finds a missing database revision.
 - Fix ZCP-8693: Mysql deadlock in deferredupdate table.
 - Fix ZCP-8694: IMAP can access invalid memory when receiving invalid fetch command.
 - Fix ZCP-8697: Rule forward may create bad 'Sent' header in body.
 - Fix ZCP-8698: Cells in tables can be NOT FOUND in category-expanded view.
 - Fix ZCP-8700: Deadlock insert into syncedmessages table.
 - Fix ZCP-8703: SQL deadlock in table changes.
 - Fix ZCP-8704: Forward flag is visible for all users when delivering email to group, where one user has a forward rule.
 - Fix ZCP-8714: Allow limiting of the number of search results for the indexer.
 - Fix ZCP-8715: Mysql deadlock when inserting into hierarchy table.
 - Fix ZCP-8718: Network delays can cause infinite loop in ICS.
 - Fix ZCP-8720: ICS can deadlock in abort.
 - Fix ZCP-8721: Missing ADS Zarafa contacts tab.
 - Fix ZCP-8723: MR Autoresponder to book resources from outlook 2010. (A script that responds on behalf of the resource)
 - Fix ZCP-8726: Add zarafa-stats --top option to zarafa-stats man-page.
 - Fix ZCP-8728: Delete meeting request in Ical 4/5 will give error.
 - Fix ZCP-8732: Zarafa spooler segfault. (Rare occasion)
 - Fix ZCP-8731: Unable to commit message: 0x80040116 is shown with a specific eml file.


 - Fix ZCP-8767: When replying, <> in the SMTP addresses of the sender/recipients in the email are escaped HTML entities
 - Fix ZCP-8738: Unable to see free/busy information in WebAccess.
 - Fix ZCP-8011: Private marked contact still show to delegate without permissions.
 - Fix ZCP-8569: Fix that the "Delete From Calendar" functionality is working again. (WebApp)
 - Fix ZCP-7990: Forward specific emails with webaccess will lose part of body text, with outlook is works correctly.
 - Fix ZCP-8201: Selected email will be lost after sorting in webaccess.
 - Fix ZCP-8238: Feature: Forwarding as well as a redirect rule within webaccess.
 - Fix ZCP-8330: Cancellation send when trying to delete a meeting request with Only read permissions on calendar.
 - Fix ZCP-8395: It's not possible to save a change meeting request body as an organiser without sending the actual update.
 - Fix ZCP-8397: Firefox dialogues are rendered to small on Linux desktop.
 - Fix ZCP-8419: Date picker does not show bold dates when appointments are present.
 - Fix ZCP-8430: Calendar List view > Optional/required attendees disappears.
 - Fix ZCP-8439: Delete a meeting as an attendee and send a response does not sends a correct startdate n enddate in decline message to organizer.
 - Fix ZCP-8474: User in a redirected rule is moved to the forwarding field.
 - Fix ZCP-8476: Opening a redirected rule changes the name of the attendee.
 - Fix ZCP-8515: Unable to cancel a meeting request with a resource.
 - Fix ZCP-8523: Recurring item wrongly shown if all day event is set before creating occurrence.
 - Fix ZCP-8525: Freebusy selection is wrong when adding all day appointment.
 - Fix ZCP-8527: Popup appears when using Ctrl + Enter shortcut in html mode in Firefox.
 - Fix ZCP-8536: Possible to assign a task without a recipient.
 - Fix ZCP-8537: Replying to a mail with an inline attachment shows inline.txt in the body.
 - Fix ZCP-8584: webaccess doesn't recognize mimetypes of attachments of items imported from a PST.
 - Fix ZCP-8588: Feature: Support in webaccess to create a rule forward as inline attachment.
 - Fix ZCP-8661: Sunday 30th of October is listed twice in freebusy overview and all appointments made are shifted + 1 day.
 - Fix ZCP-8678: Fix for ZCP-7945 breaks webapp.
 - Fix ZCP-8681: Extra space present in 'To' display name when an e-mail was forwarded by a rule created with the WebAccess.
 - Fix ZCP-8730: Appointment freebusy time picker position incorrect.
 - Fix ZCP-8739: Webaccess not displaying any lines after a certain combination of characters.

* Sun Nov 20 2011 Robert Scheck <robert at fedoraproject.org> 7.0.3-1
- Upgrade to 7.0.3

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