Nouveau problem in F-16

ergodic gmml at
Thu Nov 24 20:45:20 UTC 2011

I guess I will stay with F-15 until F-17 alpha is available.
F16 is the first Fedora I had to skip.  

Best luck1

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> On Thu, 2011-11-24 at 14:41 -0500, ergodic wrote:
> > Regardless there is something that changed from F-15 to F-16. F-15
> > runs with no problem.
> Well...yes. Lots of things change. Otherwise there'd be no point doing
> a
> new release. mesa, the kernel, and the X server all got major updates.
> > It would be interesting to know how many potential users were turned
> > away by an installation that fails during the first boot.
> Interesting, also impossible. The answer for any distribution release
> is
> 'some'. Given the sheer amount of hardware out there it is
> inconceivable
> that any distribution ever released has booted properly on all of it.
> > Just for the sake of a test I installed Ubuntu 11.10 with no
> > problems.
> > It worked right out.
> That doesn't really surprise me at all. There are significant
> differences in the versions of the relevant components included in
> Ubuntu and Fedora. They are using older versions of everything,
> compared
> to F16.
> > As I mentioned, I have been using Fedora since version 3. Maybe
> > because of the greater program complexity or whatever, there is a
> > need
> > to raise the standards.
> It's impossible to conclude this from a single anecdotal instance of
> 'this release does not boot on my system'. As I said, it's perfectly
> well known to anyone who does QA or support that there will be
> hardware
> which just doesn't work with any given distribution release, and the
> exact set of hardware which doesn't work is different for every
> release.
> Given the fact that this is the case, and it's practically impossible
> to
> change it, a single anecdotal instance of 'this hardware works with
> F15
> but does not work with F16' tells us nothing meaningful. It is not
> possible to reliably draw the conclusion 'the quality of F16 is lower
> than the quality of F15' from such data. It's really just something
> that
> happens.
> I'll bet you gold rings to rocks that there is hardware that works
> with
> F16 and doesn't work with F15, and that there was hardware which
> worked
> with F14 but not F15, or hardware which worked with F15 but not
>'s things go.
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