Release Criteria Proposal: Xen DomU

Tim Flink tflink at
Thu Oct 13 18:54:12 UTC 2011

After discussions both here and on devel@, there have been no
objections to adding Xen DomU (guest) support as a release criterion for
Fedora 16.

So, I am proposing that we add the following as a release criterion for
Fedora 16 final:

 - The release must boot successfully as Xen DomU with releases
   supporting Xen Dom0 and cloud providers utilizing Xen.

If accepted as a release criterion, Xen DomU (not Dom0) issues will
block the release of Fedora.

Thoughts on blocker/NTH? Changes to wording? I'd like to get this
resolved this week since we're already cutting things a bit close here
if it is accepted as a release criteria.

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