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Wed Oct 19 18:35:23 UTC 2011

#fedora-meeting: proventesters (2011-10-19)

Meeting started by nirik at 17:59:58 UTC. The full logs are available at

Meeting summary
* Into/Gather topics  (nirik, 18:00:07)

* Followups  (nirik, 18:02:51)
  * LINK:
    (nirik, 18:03:41)
  * LINK:
    (tflink, 18:05:27)

* Recruitment  (nirik, 18:06:55)

* Pending critpath/security updates in stable releases.  (nirik,
  * F14: 11 security updates, 13 critpath  (nirik, 18:09:09)
  * F15: 11 security updates, 23 critpath  (nirik, 18:09:46)
  * F16: 8 security updates, 23 critpath  (nirik, 18:10:25)
  * LINK:
    (nirik, 18:15:38)
  * bodhi bug to try and get more readable updates-testing reports:  (nirik, 18:16:02)

* Open Floor  (nirik, 18:27:47)
  * will meet next week  (nirik, 18:32:37)

Meeting ended at 18:33:41 UTC.

Action Items

Action Items, by person
  * (none)

People Present (lines said)
* nirik (58)
* tflink (19)
* brunowolff (8)
* zodbot (3)
* Southern_Gentlem (2)
* satellit_ (2)
17:59:58 <nirik> #startmeeting proventesters (2011-10-19)
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17:59:58 <nirik> #meetingname proventesters
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18:00:03 * Southern_Gentlem 
18:00:07 <nirik> #topic Into/Gather topics
18:00:18 <nirik> Who all is around for a packager tester meeting? ;)
18:00:36 * Southern_Gentlem 
18:01:18 <nirik> hey Southern_Gentlem. ;) Might be it's just us today...
18:01:27 * tflink is here
18:02:24 <nirik> hey tflink
18:02:24 * satellit_ listening
18:02:30 <nirik> morning satellit_
18:02:35 <satellit_> : )
18:02:45 <nirik> ok, so I guess lets dive in...
18:02:51 <nirik> #topic Followups
18:03:27 <nirik> nirik to try and make a resource page, help welcome ->
18:03:34 <nirik> I made a start on one.
18:03:41 <nirik>
18:03:50 <nirik> needs a lot of work, but it's a start.
18:04:10 <nirik> I'd like to add links to everything to make it easy for people to click thru to whatever they need.
18:04:39 <nirik> So, help needed, feel free to edit it. ;)
18:04:45 <nirik> tflink: tflink to ping websites about changing how tester is setup in join-fedora
18:05:03 <tflink> that fell off my todo list until today
18:05:15 * nirik doesn't see athmane or tomspur around for their items.
18:05:20 <tflink> I sent a message a little while ago, no response as of yet
18:05:27 <tflink>
18:05:41 <nirik> cool. Thanks.
18:05:55 <nirik> any other followup items/
18:05:56 <nirik> ?
18:06:55 <nirik> #topic Recruitment
18:07:07 <nirik> Any recruitment ideas we can move on...
18:07:53 <tflink> I can't think of any that we haven't already covered
18:08:19 <nirik> #topic Pending critpath/security updates in stable releases.
18:09:09 <nirik> #info F14: 11 security updates, 13 critpath
18:09:46 <nirik> #info F15: 11 security updates, 23 critpath
18:10:25 <nirik> #info F16: 8 security updates, 23 critpath
18:10:47 * nirik is reminded to submit that bodhi bug asking for the names back in the updates-testing report.
18:11:42 <brunowolff> Can we talk about the glibc update?
18:11:52 <nirik> brunowolff: sure. The f16 one?
18:12:09 <tflink> for F16, aren't the 2 pending grub updates obsolete?
18:12:15 <tflink> -81 and -82
18:12:34 <brunowolff> I gave it a +1 because it fixed a bug that was impacting me and of the two -1s, one had no indication why it was -1 and the other
18:13:17 <brunowolff> reported a problem with building another package, which depending on why it wasn't building, didn't seem to necessarily be a blocker.
18:13:54 <brunowolff> So should I have just done a +0 with a note that it fixed the bug, or was a +1 more appropriate.
18:14:10 <nirik> brunowolff: +1 was ok there I think.
18:14:40 * nirik notes there's a newer one already.
18:14:48 <brunowolff> It turns out my vote was the one that allowed it to go to updates.
18:15:05 <brunowolff> I saw there was a newer one, but haven't tested it yet.
18:15:26 <nirik> I think it was ok to go to updates, because it fixed runtime issues... the FTBFS needs to be fixed, but letting that one go out at least fixed runtime issues.
18:15:38 <nirik>
18:15:54 <brunowolff> I thought this was a good case to get feedback on some of the nuances of providing testing feedback.
18:16:02 <nirik> #info bodhi bug to try and get more readable updates-testing reports:
18:16:16 <nirik> sadly, we only have +1, -1... which makes it hard
18:17:11 <tflink> true, but would it really be better to have stuff like +/- .5 or arbitrary numbers?
18:17:27 <nirik> or different categories...
18:19:56 <nirik> not sure there's a great answer.
18:20:30 <nirik> if we had better feedback from maintainers here... like that they were going to fix this soon, they could unpush the update. Or that it will not be fixed soon, so they need the runtime fixes to go.
18:21:04 <nirik> tflink: I unpushed those two. They didn't obsolete likely because all 3 went out in the same push.
18:21:35 <tflink> rapid-fire grub updates :)
18:22:14 <nirik> yeah
18:22:27 <brunowolff> I need to go to a meeting at work. Thanks for the feedback.
18:22:37 <nirik> brunowolff: no problem, thanks for bringing it up.
18:23:19 <nirik> so, any testing we can do on 14/15/16 updates? Anything that looks particularly difficult...
18:24:02 <tflink> lldpad seems to be stuck in testing for 14, 15 and 16 but IIRC, that requires special HW or at least an FCoE setup
18:24:20 <nirik> yeah. ;(
18:24:29 <nirik> I wonder if we could mine smolt...
18:24:39 <nirik> but then there's no way to contact back to the owner of the hardware.
18:25:36 <nirik> or perhaps we could look at things that are very hardware specific and see if we can drop them from critpath. ;)
18:25:50 <tflink> huh, maybe you don't need special hw
18:26:03 * nirik hasn't really used it.
18:26:27 <tflink> I've read about it but have mostly used FC and iSCSI
18:27:18 * nirik can try and read up on it.
18:27:47 <nirik> #topic Open Floor
18:28:02 <nirik> anything for open floor? Does continuing to meet seem worthwhile? ;)
18:28:53 * nirik isn't sure it's getting any more testers, but at least it allows us to try and work on things like improving docs or looking at hard to test updates.
18:29:04 <tflink> nvm, FCoE requires 10gigE
18:29:18 <tflink> the HW CNA is optional, though
18:29:29 * nirik has no 10gigE. ;(
18:29:37 <tflink> maybe meeting every other week instead of every week?
18:29:42 <tflink> me neither
18:30:21 <tflink> or is that more likely to be forgotten?
18:30:29 <nirik> yeah, we could try that... but every other week meetings tend to get problems.
18:30:40 <nirik> yeah, always the 'is this the week on or week off' question
18:32:00 <nirik> so, lets try next week, see what happens I guess.
18:32:08 <tflink> works for me
18:32:37 <nirik> #info will meet next week
18:32:43 <nirik> anything else? or shall we call it a meeting?
18:33:07 <tflink> I don't really have anything else
18:33:38 <nirik> ok, thanks for coming everyone.
18:33:41 <nirik> #endmeeting
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