New BugZapper Introduction

Matej Cepl mcepl at
Fri Sep 2 08:11:53 UTC 2011

Dne 2.9.2011 07:33, Gerard Snitselaar napsal(a):
> My day job has been working with Unix since 2000 and mostly Linux since 2004,
> performing fault analysis of kernel dumps or determining if bugs are in our
> code or somewhere else in Red Hat, and fixing bugs in our code. So I spend a
> fair amount of time with c code, and have spent too much time looking at stacks
> and disassembled code.
> I'm 39 and live in Phoenix, Arizona. I have a wife, a daughter who will soon be 2,
> and another child on the way. I look forward to working with everyone and helping out.

Wov! Congrats on the family! (and yes, bug triaging is much more 
peaceful than changing the diapers ;)).

Feel free to ping me on #fedora-bugzappers anytime (I am usually around 
CET business hours and in the evening).

We also maintain (well, more or less maintain) with all information we have 
for budding bug zappers (particularly is meant to be a good 
start page).

Welcome on board!


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