Release criteria: virtualization tweak

agraham agraham at
Thu Sep 8 18:19:20 UTC 2011

On 09/08/2011 02:20 AM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> Hey, all. pjones pointed out at a recent blocker review meeting that the
> Beta virt criterion:
> "The release must boot successfully as a virtual guest in a situation
> where the virtual host is running the same release (using Fedora's
> current preferred virtualization technology)"
> doesn't really imply that virtual host functionality must work; only
> that _if_ virtual host functionality is working, then virtual guest
> functionality must work. This was not really our intent with the
> criterion, we intended to require both to work at Beta stage. So here's
> a proposed improvement:
> "The release must be able to self-host using Fedora's current preferred
> virtualization technology: that is, the release must be able to act as a
> virtual host, and must also successfully install and boot as a virtual
> guest when running on a host which is also running the release"
> I'm still not super happy with the wording, but I guess it's clearer.
> Any better ideas?


A Fedora release must be able host virtual guest instances of the same 
Fedora release.

I think the last part of the original sentence is redundant.

However, I'd prefer:

A Fedora release must be able host virtual guest instances of the same 
Fedora release as well as all previous Fedora releases.

"Current preferred virtualization technology:"

Is too ambiguous, lets call a spade a space and state KVM if that 
statement is required.


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