Proventesters weekly meetup

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Wed Sep 14 23:19:46 UTC 2011


In some of the recent discussions of issues with the current updates
policy, one idea that was suggested was to try and get proventesters to
meet up say once a week. This would allow us to discuss and look at
pending critical path updates that need testing or security updates or
other testing matters. 

So, while I don't know that I have time long term to run a weekly
proventester meeting, I'd like to try and start one and see if it takes
off or is useful and/or if someone is willing to help run them moving

I'd suggest an agenda something like: 

* List out/go over critpath updates that are in testing. 
	Can we add test cases?
	Can we just sit there and test that thing or confirm we already
	did test and it add karma?
	Do we know someone who uses/has the needed setup? 
* Look at pending security updates and do the same
* Bring up any other updates that maintainers shout out on or a
  proventester wants help testing. 

I'd like to try next tuesday (2011-09-20) or wed (2011-09-21), but I
guess I should see if there is enough interest first. 

So, proventesters: Any interest in a weekly meetup?

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