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Roy Six royxis at
Mon Sep 19 06:08:52 UTC 2011

Hi fellow Fedora users,

I wanted to write an introduction.
My name is Roy Six and I am 28 years old and live in the US.

Why I want to contribute:
I am looking to contribute because I want to interact with other Fedora
users.  It gets lonely when most people I know are using
Windows/Mac/Ubuntu.  I also want to be able to improve my knowledge of
Fedora.  Fedora is free, and this is a good way to give back.  I hope
triaging bugs is a good way as it does not seem to require too much
technical knowledge, and from what the wiki has stated, one could spend as
little as 15 minutes a week contributing.  But I don't know what areas to
concentrate in or how to start doing some tasks, so maybe someone can
guide/mentor me in IRC if I ask there.

What I have done so far:
I just installed Fedora 16 alpha earlier this week (unfortunately not the
RC1 Beta).  I am reading the wiki daily and going through all the links I
can to get information and tips in bugzapping.  I have subscribed to this
mailing list since last week.  So far, I have to tell you that it is quite
active, with some memorable problems already reported such as Erinn's
overheating laptop issue, which turned out to be hardware-related and not a
Fedora problem from what I understood in the conversation.  I have just now
started visiting the IRC chat rooms, which was quiet in my short time there,
but maybe most are asleep/AFK.  I will say hi next time I visit.  I am also
looking through the bugs reported at Red Hat Bugzilla and it's a bit of a
learning curve.

Well I have many questions already in my mind, and will continue to read the
wiki so I do not ask questions already answered there

My background with Fedora:
I started to use Fedora since a few years ago because my university, George
Mason University, installed it in our computers in our labs.   I have made
Fedora my primary day to day OS since Fedora 8 and still have no reason to
try other distributions because I enjoy this one so much.  But it is
embarrassing to me that I still can't say I am even past beginner level if I
evaluate how much I really know about this OS.

I will be on at evening hours (US EST) 2-3 days a week.  If a mentor is
available, I of course will want to try to schedule my hours around his/her
availability.  But my laptop with Fedora is currently inoperable due to a
broken part (my mistake when taking it apart to clean it), but I expect the
replacement part to be mailed to me soon and I will be back up on Fedora by
end of this week hopefully.  Right now I'm on a different computer with
Windows 7.  I have to say, it is hard to go back to Windows...but thankfully
there's Gedit and VLC and Gimp for Windows.

These are my contact details:
Name:  Roy Six
E-mail:  royxis at, rsix at
irc nicks:  roysix, rsix

Thank you for your time and in taking the time to read this long-winded
message.  I sincerely look forward to corresponding with all fellow Fedora
volunteers and Red Hat employees,
Roy Six
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