Relevant update notification for testers {Was: Remove a package from critpath ?}

Samuel Greenfeld greenfeld at
Wed Sep 21 01:35:39 UTC 2011

I can understand the frustration caused by lesser-used and more-obscure
items needing karma.  But is there any system at the moment which a tester
can use which (1) notifies them when items of interest are updated
(independent of a mass email) and/or (2) can scan a user's configuration and
determine what hardware and software seems to be present and/or used?

The first item can be crudely done with mail filters, but it would be nice
if there was something more polished.  The latter is a bit ambitious even if
looking at loaded kernel modules, log files, last access times, etc.

Admittedly I might be a bit at fault in this case, as recent OLPC Fedora
respins use a Chrome driver we had optimized a bit instead of openchrome.  I
can swap drivers and provide karma in this case if you don't care about it
coming from a respin (which currently more-or-less is following F14

I also asked a developer who had custom post-F14 builds he was testing to
verify the openchrome driver on those.

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