Issues encountered upgrading with yum from Fedora 16 to Fedora 17

"Jóhann B. Guðmundsson" johannbg at
Mon Apr 2 23:25:34 UTC 2012

On 04/02/2012 07:55 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> Hum, that seems to be true. It seems to be systemd in both 16 and 17. So
> I'm not sure why its default status would change on upgrade, unless
> there's a bad script in the package.

If this was a legacy sysv init script in F16 but got migrated to native 
systemd unit in  F17 and you upgraded the previous set status on the 
init script is reset to what ever is the default which for the most part 
disabled ( Fesco has a list of service that have been granted permission 
to be enabled by default ),which means that users will need to "enable" 
service again after the migration. ( This behavior has been documented btw )

If this was already an native systemd unit that went from being enabled 
in f16 to being disabled in f17 after an upgrade than that most 
definitely is a bug either a packaging one or systemd one since systemd 
should preserve the enabled/disabled status of service across upgrades.


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