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Adam Williamson awilliam at
Tue Apr 3 00:06:22 UTC 2012

On Mon, 2012-04-02 at 20:01 -0400, Felix Miata wrote:
> As reported earlier in thread "Unable to read package metadata", I tried 
> starting installation using Grub and kept failing. So I tried the boot ISO 
> from That 
> enabled a GUI minimal install (on only 512M RAM, shared with video, but with 
> 1M of swap) to complete without reporting any errors. In fact the worst 
> (unannounced) error makes it unusable except via chroot: Every login from 
> direct boot results in instant log out. I proceeded to install X/KDE and try 
> again direct boot to runlevel 5, where logging in to the only user (root) 
> produces "a critical error occurred" suggesting I look at KDM's log to find 
> out the details. I find no such thing in (empty) /root/.xsession-errors. 
> /var/log/kdm.log has no errors reported and there is no /var/log/kde* or 
> /root/kde*. /root/.kde contains nothing but a symlink to a cache file. 
> Switching to a tty while KDM is up doesn't help. Log out still quickly 
> follows login. From chroot, startx gets KDE started, though with no mouse or 
> keyboard.

the problem with doing a default network install is you get packages
from updates-testing...I did several minimal installs of Beta RC2 and
saw nothing like this.
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