new Release Criterion proposal: kernel+initrd boot

Kamil Paral kparal at
Fri Apr 6 13:49:56 UTC 2012

Recently we found out that we don't have any criterion for PXE boot. Also F17 anaconda separated its root image from initrd.img, adding new ways where things can break. In the QA meeting we decided that new criterion is required [1]. Relevant bugs are:

The new proposed criterion is this:
The installer must be able to boot using kernel+initrd pair (some boot arguments might be needed), e.g. booting a VM or from PXE. Fetching the installer's root image must work using the same access protocols as are required for fetching package sources in currently active milestone. Installer must work correctly even if the remote location doesn't contain a full installable tree including package repository, but just the root image and files relevant to it.

I propose to add it to the Alpha milestone.

It covers several things:
1. booting over PXE
2. remote installer fetching
3. partial repositories (missing package repository)

I deliberately re-used the the definition of protocols from another criterion related to "package source fetching options", because it is tightly related. This makes sure that PXE booting works since Alpha, but the number of supported protocols increases just gradually as we reach Beta and Final.

The last sentence could be split to a separate milestone (and worded a bit differently), because we might not require it really since Alpha. OTOH this is more succinct, and I have a vested interest in having this in Alpha anyway (because of our automated test suite).

Better wording (and translating into proper English) is welcome.



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