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This has nothing to do with QA.


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Subject: is the name ok
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2012 13:24:24 -0400

There is no release criterion in the Testing/QA group for the release name.
Before millions see the latest great work from a multitude of contributors, should this group pause to reflect if the release name is appropriate for world wide release.  I ask your attention that the name/ logo/ and parody may offend many and may refuse to use it.  Do you have concerns after looking at;a=shortlog;h=HEAD and  beefymiracle . org.  The image of a hot dog in a bun (and in some logo pictures, the use of the tag line mustard indicates progress) is too laden with symbolism. Is there concern in this, the last group in the process to concur with a release GO decision, that what has been published in support of the release name will not offend women, parents, and many who are spiritual or profess a religion? 

No mater how liberal a guy I might be, this expresses a concern for how open source might be perceived by the general public.
Even if these pictures and words were done in fun, isn't the association now caustic.

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