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Adam Williamson awilliam at
Mon Apr 9 06:23:12 UTC 2012

On Fri, 2012-04-06 at 13:24 -0400, george2 wrote:
> There is no release criterion in the Testing/QA group for the release
> name.
> Before millions see the latest great work from a multitude of
> contributors, should this group pause to reflect if the release name
> is appropriate for world wide release.  I ask your attention that the
> name/ logo/ and parody may offend many and may refuse to use it.  Do
> you have concerns after looking at
> and  beefymiracle . org.  The image of a hot dog in a bun (and in some
> logo pictures, the use of the tag line mustard indicates progress) is
> too laden with symbolism. Is there concern in this, the last group in
> the process to concur with a release GO decision, that what has been
> published in support of the release name will not offend women,
> parents, and many who are spiritual or profess a religion? 

This is not QA's job at all. There is no quality to be assured. The
release name gets decided under a process we aren't at all involved
with. I don't see any reason why that should change.

> No mater how liberal a guy I might be, this expresses a concern for
> how open source might be perceived by the general public.
> Even if these pictures and words were done in fun, isn't the
> association now caustic.

On an entirely personal note - the beefy miracle joke has been around in
Fedora circles for years. There is absolutely no 'dirty' intent behind
it. It's just a joke about a hot dog. If you read any more into it than
that, that's entirely your own responsibility, and not anyone else's.
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