size of F17 install DVD

Kamil Paral kparal at
Mon Apr 9 19:27:23 UTC 2012

> nonamedotc <nonamedotc <at>> writes:
> > Could someone please tell me why the install DVD for F17 is smaller
> > than
> > that for earlier releases. The install DVD is 2.3 GB whereas the
> > one for
> > F16, for example, is 3.5 GB. Thanks.
> AFAIK no one has completely figured this out yet. I noticed that the
> libreoffice-langpack-* packages are on the F16 DVD but not later, and
> based on
> the average size and number of these that seems to account for about
> half of the
> size difference. Here are links to package lists (sorted by size in
> 1K-blocks)
> for the i386 F16 and F17 Alpha TC1 DVDs (the size reduction happened
> at Alpha
> TC1).

A bit of Python-fu computed following:

List of added packages by size:
by name:

Total 40967 4kB blocks ~ 160 MB.

List of removed packages by size:
by name:

Total 322960 4kB blocks ~ 1261 MB.

That more or less matches, doesn't it?

Most space was saved by stripping translations (KDE, libreoffice), aspell and some fonts.

I guess the translations will be downloaded during/after installation... or not?

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