Proposal: stop holding composes for preupgrade bugs at Alpha and Beta phases

Brian C. Lane bcl at
Tue Apr 10 17:42:29 UTC 2012

On Mon, Apr 09, 2012 at 07:18:26PM -0700, Dan Mashal wrote:
> As I said in the meeting let's just deprecate it.
> Upgrade methods as follows:
> 1) YUM
> 2) DVD

Actually, it would be better if we dropped DVD upgrades and only used
preupgrade. yum upgrades have never been officially supported so that's
not something we need to think about.

As system layouts become more complicated (btrfs, multi-boot, raid,
etc.) it becomes more difficult for a DVD based upgrade to figure out
the system's setup without user intervention. With preupgrade you are
running it from within the system to be upgraded, it already knows
everything it needs to about how to setup the system. All it needs to do
pass this on to anaconda when it builds the upgrade grub entry.

We would probably want to expand preupgrade the be able to setup the
upgrade using the DVD as the package source for those cases when network
access isn't available or slow.


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