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patrick korsnick korsnick at
Tue Apr 10 18:52:57 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Just wanted to drop a quick note to introduce myself as a triage noob. I've
been using fedora as my primary OS for a couple years now but have been
using linux for about ten years and Unixes like Solaris & IRIX since the
early 90s.

In my day job I'm a consulting software engineer, most recently at IBM and
before that at Sun. I usually work with C, C++ and more recently, python.

I've never been really involved with any opensource projects so I thought
what better place to try to give back to the community than by trying to
help out the one that I rely on every day.

I hope to have a better idea of how to get started after I finish reading
the "Tools and Procedures" docs, but I'm sure I'll have questions and need
a little guidance. To all the veterans out there- feel free to offer any
advice, pointers or warnings to run away while I still can :)

Best regards,

e:   korsnick at
irc: neverlift
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