[Test-Announce] Fedora 17 Beta Release Candidate 3 (RC3) Available Now!

Piscium groknok at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 21:07:28 UTC 2012

On 10 April 2012 07:06, Adam Williamson <awilliam at redhat.com> wrote:

>> firstboot employs a belt-and-braces method of disabling itself - to get
>> it to fire again you have to turn it on twice.
>> =) /etc/sysconfig/firstboot is one place, you found that, but you missed
>> the other: you have to re-enable it as a service. So, in the Systemd
>> Age:
>> systemctl enable firstboot.service
>> that should do the trick.
> Gack. Actually it won't:
> systemctl enable firstboot-graphical.service
> Should be better.

Thanks. I filed a bug report:

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