new Release Criterion proposal: kernel+initrd boot

Kamil Paral kparal at
Wed Apr 11 08:25:13 UTC 2012

> > The new proposed criterion is this:
> > ====
> > The installer must be able to boot using kernel+initrd pair (some
> > boot arguments might be needed), e.g. booting a VM or from PXE.
> > Fetching the installer's root image must work using the same
> > access protocols as are required for fetching package sources in
> > currently active milestone. Installer must work correctly even if
> > the remote location doesn't contain a full installable tree
> > including package repository, but just the root image and files
> > relevant to it.
> > ====
> > 
> about:
> It must be possible to install by booting the installation kernel
> directly, including via PXE, and correctly specifying a remote source
> for the installer itself, using whichever protocols are required to
> work
> for package retrieval at the current phase (Alpha, Beta, Final). This
> must work if the remote source is not a complete repository but
> contains
> only the files necessary for the installer itself to run

Great, I like it, and the meaning is the same.

> I like the basic idea of the criterion. I'm still not really sold on
> what phase we should be applying it to, though PXE and virt-install
> together are obviously fairly good arguments for alpha or beta...

In the Alpha criteria we already require that "all" provided boot methods work, which means netinst, DVD and Live [1]. I don't think PXE/kernel boot should be different in this case, the images are provided in the compose alongside netinst, DVD and Live. This criterion just states that we consider vmlinuz+initrd as part of this "all provided boot methods" as well (which is a correct thing in my view).

We could even just easily append it to that criterion [1] itself. But since there are more options in PXE boot (installer not being part of initrd and other complications), we would have to assume a lot of things silently, or mention it explicitly anyways, so a separate criterion seems better and more readable.

[1] "The installer must boot (if appropriate) and run on all primary architectures, with all system firmware types that are common on those architectures, from default live image, DVD, and boot.iso install media"

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