rescue mode?

John Reiser jreiser at
Fri Apr 13 01:30:20 UTC 2012

> Has rescue mode been removed?  If so, what can I use instead?

Append " rescue" to the end of the kernel boot command line.

With an install DVD: type 'e' to get the boot stanza, use the
keyboard arrow keys to move to the line which begins "kernel",
type another 'e' to edit the "kernel" line.  Append " rescue",
type <Enter> to terminate the editing, then type 'b' to boot.

With a LiveCD: type <Tab> to see the kernel boot command line,
then append " rescue" and type <Enter>.

If you see a text prompt "boot: " then type "linux rescue" and <Enter>.
Or, type <Tab> to see the choices for kernel, then type one of
those choices followed by " rescue" and <Enter>.

> The major issue that doesn't work with the live cd is fixing grub.
> In rescue mode, everything gets mounted from the system being fixed, including /dev.
> This allows me to just chroot to the mounted system and run grub-install directly.

Actually the most fully-featured rescue mode gives you the choice
of whether to find+mount an installed root (there may be more than one.)
This can be handy when you want to fsck a root filesystem manually,
for instance.


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