Default GNOME screenshot behavior is incorrect?

Jonathan Kamens jik at
Sun Apr 15 13:29:00 UTC 2012

As far as I can tell, the default behavior of GNOME's screenshot 
functionality is to silently save a copy of the screen shot in a file 
within ~/Pictures.

This strikes me as non-intuitive, incorrect behavior. How is the end 
user supposed to know where the heck the picture was saved? There's no 
pop-up telling him/her where to look for it.

I seem to recall that in previous GNOME releases, a window would pop up 
asking what you wanted to do with the picture -- copy it to the 
clipboard or save it to disk. This is far preferable behavior to the 
current behavior. If popping up a window is not an option, then I'd say 
that a default of saving the image to the clipboard, rather than to a 
file, would make a lot more sense, because (a) it's what certain other 
operating systems we could name do, and (b) the user doesn't have to go 
hunting for it.

I suppose you could say that the new behavior resembles what iOS does on 
the iPhone, iPad, etc. when you take a screenshot, but the difference is 
that everybody who has an iPhone uses their "Pictures" app at one time 
or another and therefore knows where pictures are stored, whereas I'm 
sure there are plenty of people (including me) who never look in 
~/Pictures on Linux.

If the screenshot /must/ be saved into ~/Pictures, then I'd say that it 
should be saved there /and/ copied to the clipboard.

What do others think about this?


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