Default GNOME screenshot behavior is incorrect?

Fernando Cassia fcassia at
Sun Apr 15 13:36:47 UTC 2012

On Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 10:29, Jonathan Kamens <jik at> wrote:
> This strikes me as non-intuitive, incorrect behavior. How is the end user
> supposed to know where the heck the picture was saved? There's no pop-up
> telling him/her where to look for it.

I think the right approach would be for the screenshot app to use the
Gnome notifications system, so one of those translucent notification
widgets crawls up from the bottom of the screen saying "your
screenshot has been saved to your Pictures folder as "Screenshot
mm-dd-yy hh-mm-ss".

The main annoyance for me is not what you describe, but the fact that
the filename used uses "screenshot mm-dd-yy hh:mm:ss", and if you
attempt to open such files with any Win32 util using Wine (Sorry, I
use Paint Shop Pro for some stuff!, sue me! ;), then the open
operation will fail because Windows aps do not accept ":" as a valid
character in filenames. The same could be accomplished with
"Screenshot MM-DD-YY HH-MM-SS.png"

And btw, this also applies to Google's Picasa for Linux, which is a
repackaged win32 app with Wine.


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