Move from /media to /run/media/$USER

Jonathan Kamens jik at
Mon Apr 16 19:50:47 UTC 2012

On 4/16/2012 2:09 PM, Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Jonathan Kamens (jik at said:
>> It is absurdly unpredictable that if I stick a DVD in my drive after
>> logging in, it is mounted underneath /run/media/$USER, but if my
>> computer than crashes, or I reboot it by hand, and I log in
>> immediately after the reboot, that DVD is no longer mounted.
>> Independent of whether the move from /media to /run/media/$USER is a
>> good idea, and I'm reserving judgment on that, clearly the behavior
>> I just described above is entirely unexpected by the user and
>> therefore wrong.
> The alternative here would be... it magically gets mounted by the
> first user? That's a bit odd, as well.
Oh, I don't know, maybe the alternative would be to mount devices under 
/media instead of /run/media/$USER? Seriously.

Or perhaps the system could keep track of mounted devices and when the 
computer enters the same state as it was in when the device was 
previously mounted, mount it again automatically.

In other words, "If device <x> is mounted for $USER, and $USER logs out 
or the system reboots while the device is still mounted, and the same 
device is still available the next time $USER logs in, then remount it 
in the same place it was mounted before." That would be both intuitive 
and useful behavior. The current behavior is neither. It's also not like 
the behavior of any other OS of which I'm aware.
> Note that you should be able to configure static mounts of a cd
> with something like:
I am not talking about static mounts. I'm talking about if I have a 
removable device inserted / plugged in / whatever, then when I log in, I 
should see it. This is what users expect. Period.



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