Move from /media to /run/media/$USER

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Tue Apr 17 14:12:12 UTC 2012

> Or perhaps the system could keep track of mounted devices and when the
> computer enters the same state as it was in when the device was
> previously mounted, mount it again automatically.
> In other words, "If device <x> is mounted for $USER, and $USER logs
> out or the system reboots while the device is still mounted, and the
> same device is still available the next time $USER logs in, then
> remount it in the same place it was mounted before." That would be
> both intuitive and useful behavior. The current behavior is neither.
> It's also not like the behavior of any other OS of which I'm aware.
> > Note that you should be able to configure static mounts of a cd
> > with something like:
> I am not talking about static mounts. I'm talking about if I have a
> removable device inserted / plugged in / whatever, then when I log in,
> I should see it. This is what users expect. Period.
> Bugzillad:
>   jik

I just dug in. You can use the "disks" utility in gnome3 to mark your
partitions/drives as automount. This also lets you specify where you
want to mount them, properties etc. 

I think this should be somewhere in the release notes too. The GUI
basically adds the entries according to your configuration to fstab,
nothing special :)

Ankur: "FranciscoD"

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