automatically mounting physically attached media (was Re: Move from /media to /run/media/$USER)

Richard Ryniker ryniker at
Wed Apr 18 19:58:41 UTC 2012

>If I plug it in while I'm logged in, it shows up. I log out and log back in,
>and it still shows up.

>If I reboot, plug it in during GDM, and then log in... it shows up. Under
>what circumstance does it not show up for you?

If your USB stick is plugged in before you boot your system, where does it
show up?  Nowhere.  The device node is created (/dev/sd...) but it is not
mounted.  (Yes, I believe an entry in /etc/fstab will help in some

Root can mount the device, but behavior then varies.  Mount over /x is
"normal" but mount over /home/<desktop user>/x causes the Gnome desktop to pop
up a menu that offers: "Open with files" or "Eject".  Eject will only
work after authentication (quite proper - the device was mounted by
root) whereas automatic mount over /run/media/<desktop user>/<label>
allows the user to Eject without authentication.

None of this is intrinsically terrible, but there is a surfeit of
different behaviors that will likely confuse many users at one time or
another.  This feels like a consensus issue: with no agreed strategy
about what should happen, programmers wrote whatever seemed appropriate
for the case they were coding.

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