8 GB USB with DVD: formatted as GPT with 4 GB partition fat /dev/sdb1 2nd 4 GB left,unformatted

Thomas Gilliard satellit at bendbroadband.com
Wed Apr 18 21:51:53 UTC 2012

I just did a sucessful install to an external USB HD using a USB of  
-It only used the Install Repo on the DVD(USB)

./tools_livecd-iso-to-disk.sh --format --reset-mbr
Fedora-17-Beta-x86_64-DVD.iso /dev/sdb1

1-)needed an 8GB USB formatted GPT format with /dev/sdb1 formatted fat in disk-utility
2-)only 4GB was formatted label:LIVE and 4GB was left unformatted
3-)a second partition was created by anaconda labeled LIVE-REPO (with Fedora 17 Beta-x86-64-DVD.iso inside)


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