screen crashes in F17 alpha/beta

Brian Johnson voyager.106 at
Thu Apr 19 16:07:44 UTC 2012

Hello all --

I've opened up a ticket in bugzilla ( but was curious to see
if anyone on the list has seen something similar.

I use screen quite a bit to allow for the ability for a tab-like ability in
xterm, my terminal of choice. I've changed it such that when xterm
launches, it actually launches as 'xterm -e screen'. I had no problems with
it in F16.

However, I now have 2 machines running F17 beta - my laptop that was a
clean install of F17 alpha x86_64 and my home desktop, which I upgraded the
other day to F17 beta i386 from F16 using preupgrade.

On both machines, whenever I try to run screen as me (I'm the only non-root
user on the boxes), an error flashes too quickly to tell what it is and
then the message [screen is terminating] shows in the xterm. It also does
the same thing if I try it in gnome-terminal (on my laptop at least,
haven't tried it on the home machine). If I try it as root in either xterm
or gnome-terminal, screen works without a problem.

While I'm a tcsh user, I can also reproduce it using bash.

I don't have a ~/.screenrc file on either machine.

It happened from the beginning on my laptop with F17 alpha, has happened
with screen-4.1.0-0.7.20110819git450e8f and happens now with the latest
version, screen-4.1.0-0.9.20120314git3c2946.

Any help or thoughts will be greatly appreciated as I want to move my work
desktop to F17 as quickly as possible, but can't do it without this
important piece.


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