gnome-boxes is broken? what about qemu?

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Fri Apr 20 09:03:58 UTC 2012

On Fri, 2012-04-20 at 08:33 +0300, cornel panceac wrote:
> 2012/4/20 cornel panceac <cpanceac at>
>         2012/4/20 cornel panceac <cpanceac at>
>                 2012/4/20 cornel panceac <cpanceac at>
>                         One of the things that sounds interesting in
>                         the new fedora is gnome-boxes. However, every
>                         attempt i've made to boot a live cd (tiny core
>                         linux) in gnome-boxes, failed (nothing in
>                         journal). I've figured that i can try this
>                         also in qemu and so i discovered qemu is not
>                         installed. After installing, attempts to run
>                         qemu failed. rpm -ql qemu shows (no installed
>                         files). What is going on here? Is the qemu
>                         spec broken? Things have changed and i just
>                         haven't found out about it? Or, is gnome-boxes
>                         working for you? Maybe qemu?
>                 The real message from rpm is this:
>                 $ rpm -ql qemu
>                 (contains no files)
>                 $ rpm -q qemu
>                 qemu-1.0-11.fc17.i686
>         By the way, i've also tried wary (a kinda puppy linux) and in
>         gnome-boxes the message was the same: "Box creation failed!"
> hmmm, it seems the qemu.spec points to qemu-kvm:

[root at vaioz Videos]# repoquery --requires qemu
qemu-img = 2:0.15.1-4.fc16
qemu-system-arm = 2:0.15.1-4.fc16
qemu-system-cris = 2:0.15.1-4.fc16
qemu-system-m68k = 2:0.15.1-4.fc16
qemu-system-mips = 2:0.15.1-4.fc16
qemu-system-sh4 = 2:0.15.1-4.fc16
qemu-system-x86 = 2:0.15.1-4.fc16
qemu-user = 2:0.15.1-4.fc16

qemu is a metapackage: an empty package that requires other packages.

I haven't used Boxes myself yet, so I can't comment on it.
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