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Fri Apr 20 12:37:43 UTC 2012

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Somehow /etc/ file got mislabeled? Was this an initial install?
Install from livecd? Running restorecon on /etc/ will fix the
label, as the setroubleshoot tells you. Does the file become mislabeled again?

If we could figure out how it got mislabeled we would gladly fixed it, if we
get one bug from one person reporting a file is mislabeled, and do not hear
about it from others, we assume it is a one off and tell the user to follow
what setroubleshoot told them to do. If we see it repeatedly or from multiple
users we will do our best to investigate what is going on.

We have a rule in policy now that says if any unconfined domain creates this
file it will get labeled correctly, This include unconfined_t, initrc_t,
rpm_t, rpm_script_t. So I do not know how it got mislabeled. Does the file
first get created with a different name and then renamed to /etc/

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