gnome-shell cpu usage, audio, opengl - work fine only as root

Saulo Bonfim saulo at
Fri Apr 20 13:08:04 UTC 2012

On 19/04/2012 15:25, Adam Jackson wrote:
> If you would use gdm, you probably wouldn't see this.  gdm takes care to
> set up a login session, which fixes the device permissions on /dev/dri/*
> to those of the logged-in user.  startx doesn't yet.

Thanks for the solution!
I wasn't using gdm as it still gives me the "Oh no! Something has gone 
wrong" screen, but at some point it didn't even show the login screen - 
probably due to missing packages. So I gave up using gdm, but could not 
imagine that its usage would be related to the problems I had. Now I 
have sound and video running smooth.

Thanks again.


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