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> Somehow /etc/ file got mislabeled? Was this an
> initial install?
> Install from livecd? 

Installed from nightly build before rc4 and/or beta was released.  

> Running restorecon on /etc/
> will fix the
> label, as the setroubleshoot tells you. Does the file become
> mislabeled again?

Will try it later tonight and see what happens. 

> If we could figure out how it got mislabeled we would gladly
> fixed it, if we
> get one bug from one person reporting a file is mislabeled,
> and do not hear
> about it from others, we assume it is a one off and tell the
> user to follow
> what setroubleshoot told them to do. If we see it repeatedly
> or from multiple
> users we will do our best to investigate what is going on.
> We have a rule in policy now that says if any unconfined
> domain creates this
> file it will get labeled correctly, This include
> unconfined_t, initrc_t,
> rpm_t, rpm_script_t. So I do not know how it got mislabeled.
> Does the file
> first get created with a different name and then renamed to
> /etc/



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