Inadequate sound device control

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Fri Apr 20 15:46:48 UTC 2012

Dne Út 17. dubna 2012 22:02:40, Samuel Sieb napsal(a):
> John Morris wrote:
> > It doesn't.  And nobody cares, go buy hardware that works the
> > way Pottering imagines it 'should' work is the closest you
> > will get to real world advice.  It doesn't actually exist
> > mind you, so you can't really buy it. You will just have to
> > imagine how wonderful it would be.
> > 
> > It is insane, it has been insane now for several years and is
> > only getting worse by the day.  And when the insanity in one
> > subsystem, after years of pain, finally begins to subside it
> > will be rubbished and rebuilt from scratch again.  Meh.
> It is so frustrating to hear people complaining about
> pulseaudio like this.

but I doubt it is as frustrating as being forced to use 
PulseAudio when plain old ALSA has worked better ...

> Pulseaudio is an amazing improvement for the use of sound on
> Linux.

pity that a lot of people, including me, fail to see the 
improvement - in fact, it is a huge disturbance for them

> For 99% of users, it just works like it should.

[Citation needed]

I manage three installs of Fedora and "it just works like it 
should" simply doesn't hold true for any of them

yes, for 66.6% of the users of these installs "it just works" as 
I've fixed the things for them ...

> I love how software mixing just works FOR ME and I can ...
here, I've fixed that sentence for you

> In the cases where pulseaudio doesn't work, it's usually an
> ALSA bug or specialized audio cards which tend to come with
> their own control software anyways.

ROFL :-D :-D :-D

man, I'm really sorry but I cannot react to that in any other way

it's like one guy tried to persuade me recently that Akonadi 
works perfectly, all the bugs are somewhere else - even when the 
"akonadiserver" process is stuck and needs to be killed, it is 
not a bug of Akonadi but a bug of KMail, LOL ...

> Either way, file a bug report

that's what I've done

- would you dare to guess what is the reaction?

> instead of writing off the whole thing just because it doesn't
> work for you.

no, I write it off "just because" the core philosophy behind the 
project seems ill to me

I'm no control freak, I don't need things like JACK or what do 
the professional musicians use, however, I need to be able to 
control basic things while PA prevents me to control even those

imagine smörgåsbord ...

- the control freak wants to choose what is on the table, what 
ingredients are used to prepare it, which spices etc. etc.

- I just want to choose a few pieces from the table and happily 
eat what do I like and how do I like it

- PA takes from the table some random selection of things that 
don't go together well, puts it in a bowl, melds it into 
disguisting matter and feeds it to me through my nostrils

> Yes, there is usually some initial pain when major subsystems
> like audio or init get changed, but in the end, the result is
> so much better.

ahem, PA got introduced in F8[1], this is nearly 5 years ago!(*)

and the "result" is still a pain, I never had such issues with 
plain ALSA

- but I repeat "I never had", 'cause ine pre-PA years I've been 
using cards with hardware mixing; owners of the cheap integrated 
ones may see that as a benefit, as previous attempts like ESD or 
aRts weren't much better than PA either



(*) just FYI, there are users that simply do not have another 5 
years to wait until PA's "child diseases" will be cured even if 
they would pay anything to have those 5 years ...

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