Grubs really aren't very attractive...

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The default is to install grub2 to the MBR. It will detect you OS and allow you to select which OS to boot. the grub2 os-prober is much better and, with the complexity of configuring grub2, most people go with the defaults.

It is possible to do as you wish with grub2, it is highly customizable, more so then grub1, but more complex and the documentation makes for some long reading. In addition there are some differences between how Ubuntu and Fedora configure grub2.

See also:

You can set bg images and set the order of OS if you so desire.

While I appreciate you may document on your web site, contributing to fedora documentation is likely to be more beneficial as it can be peer reviewed and updated by others.

I appreciate what you are trying to accomplish (I used to do the same with grub 1), but, IMO, with grub2, it is a long run for a short slide. It seems to me you are making it more difficult then it has to be and frustrated by an increase in complexity in configuration and a lack of reading / understanding the documentation.

good luck to you, hope the links I gave you help or that you get it running the way you want. Perhaps someone else can help with specific scripting.

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> What is it you do not like about the defaults such that you are chainloading ?

What default? There is no default for installing multiple
OS instances on the same computer. There is most especially
no default for keeping them all completely separate from
one another. That is what a stand alone grub partition
does for me, and it has worked forever till GRUB2 decided
it wanted to be incompatible with every other boot manager
in the history of computing.

I have written up the docs in my Game Of Linux web pages:
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