Grubs really aren't very attractive...

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Sun Apr 22 16:58:02 UTC 2012

> The default is to install grub2 to
> the MBR. It will detect you OS and allow you to select which
> OS to boot. the grub2 os-prober is much better and, with the
> complexity of configuring grub2, most people go with the
> defaults.
os-prober much better?

I disagree!  with old grub, FreeBSD was detected.  Now it was a major pain to get to triple boot a machine.  I had a typo and thanks to folks here on test list, I got it going.  But I had to play around with 40_ custom and add the freebsd entry there and then modify /etc/grub2/custom or whatever it is called so I could remove the rhgb and quiet parameters and then run 
grub2-???. Initially I had edited it manually and removed the lines.  But then kernel updates made the rhgb quiet come back :(

> It is possible to do as you wish with grub2, it is highly
> customizable, more so then grub1, but more complex and the
> documentation makes for some long reading. In addition there
> are some differences between how Ubuntu and Fedora configure
> grub2.
> See also: 
> You can set bg images and set the order of OS if you so
> desire.

You have to fool grub2 and modify _10 add a number less than that so it could become the default, but it is workable.  

> While I appreciate you may document on your web site,
> contributing to fedora documentation is likely to be more
> beneficial as it can be peer reviewed and updated by
> others.
> I appreciate what you are trying to accomplish (I used to do
> the same with grub 1), but, IMO, with grub2, it is a long
> run for a short slide. It seems to me you are making it more
> difficult then it has to be and frustrated by an increase in
> complexity in configuration and a lack of reading /
> understanding the documentation.
I read and read and read again many times.  The documentation is not up to par.  However being perseverant and asking help about a situation and caring people willing to help, then these issues are not major.  But it is far from being easy.  
> good luck to you, hope the links I gave you help or that you
> get it running the way you want. Perhaps someone else can
> help with specific scripting.

The question here for Tom or others, that used to install grub to a specific partition and use chainload to boot the different OSes, is indeed a pain with this grub2.  But with extra help, and patience, It can be done.  Tom has worked it out, but I wonder if he has saved the changes in the /etc/grub2/default file so that updates won't mess any of his changes?

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