adobe flash crashes in firefox, not in konqueror

Peter Gueckel pgueckel at
Sat Apr 28 16:54:21 UTC 2012

Ed Greshko wrote:

> On 04/28/2012 12:15 PM, Peter Gueckel wrote:
>> Since about 2-3 days, coinciding with the release of 
>> 12, I think, the adobe flash plugin crashes in firefox
>> only this site appears to be affected:
> How long does it take to crash?  I just installed the 
latest flash-plugin
> using the Adobe repo and it is playing just fine....

That is strange! When I call up the page, flash is working 
and as soon as I so much as scroll the mouse to centre the 
player window or even just try to click the play button, it 
just whites out and is gone.

Do you have flash player wrapped with nspluginwrapper?

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