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Sun Apr 29 13:48:12 UTC 2012

I agree. The save vs. export thing in the new version of gimp is mind-numbingly stupid.

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On Apr 29, 2012, at 9:25 AM, Karel Volný <kvolny at> wrote:

> Dear GIMP lovers,
> for the first time after update to Fedora 17, I've needed to do 
> some simple edits to a few photos.
> Now I feel it is time to say goodbye to GIMP and start saving for 
> Photoshop ...
> There is no point for me in reporting bugs - this is some 
> fundamental difference between my and the GIMP developers' 
> thinking ("it is not a bug, it is a feature").
> The first thing was that GIMP had asked me if I want the photos 
> rotated according to EXIF. Hell yes, I can hardly remember any 
> single case where I wouldn't want this. - There was just a little 
> problem that I simply don't know which orientation is "standard". 
> So I was really not sure what to answer, will the photo get 
> rotated according to EXIF or will it be rotated from EXIF 
> orientation to the physical orientation of the JPEG data in the 
> file? And that's where I got the suspicion ...
> I wouldn't mind that "resize" got renamed to "scale".
> What do I mind is that "Save as" no longer works as before. I 
> still have the possibility to choose the file extension, however 
> trying to use "jpg" tells me that it won't save the file as JPEG 
> and that I have to "export" the file. That sounds very "logical" 
> when I've opened somefile.jpg and I just want to save it as 
> someothername.jpg not to overwrite original; I do not want to 
> "export" to any other format than what was the original.
> Ok, so I went to "export", did all the "advanced" settings and 
> saved the file. Then the same for the rest of files I had 
> altered. Oh, the JPEG settings dialogue doesn't remember the 
> settings over the editing session as it always did? The only 
> possibility not to spent half an hour clicking the same twenty 
> times in a row is to save the settings as default. But I don't 
> want these exact settings to be the default ...
> Cool, so I've spent half an hour "exporting" the files. So I'm 
> finished, let's close GIMP. Hey, but what's that dialogue asking 
> me to save unsaved changes of a file that I have just saved? 
> Every single file that just got saved is treated as unsaved just 
> because I was so bold not to use the one and only holy XCF format 
> for reprocessed JPEGs? Okay, just enough for me ...
> Next time I'll rather spend my time studying ImageMagick usage to 
> script the task even for less than ten images, rather than doing 
> monkey work.
> So, feel free to join me with the moment of silence for the good 
> old GIMP that is just getting buried.
> K.
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