kernel-3.3.4 doesn't compile when customized to disable EFI

Josh Boyer jwboyer at
Mon Apr 30 16:54:02 UTC 2012

On Mon, Apr 30, 2012 at 12:56 PM, stan <gryt2 at> wrote:
> I always compile the Fedora kernel package with a custom config that
> tunes it for my system.  The config file that worked on the 3.3.2
> kernels fails on the 3.3.4 kernels, complaining that CONFIG_FB_EFI is
> not defined.  I have no EFI, so it is turned off completely in my
> config file, but it looks like I'll have to enable it to get the 3.3.4
> kernel to compile.
> I thought about opening a bugzilla, but I don't think Fedora kernel
> developers have any interest in failures of custom configurations.  I
> imagine there is enough for them to worry about without that.  :-)
> This is more in the way of a heads up for other custom kernel compilers.

If this happens on a vanilla 3.3.4 kernel, you could always report the
exact build failure to the upstream stable maintainers.  They'd be in
a position to fix it.

If it _doesn't_ happen with a vanilla 3.3.4 kernel, please file a bug
against the Fedora kernel.  It means we have a patch added that is
probably either working it's way upstream and is broken, or is a stale
version of something like that.


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