Palimsest discrepancy

John Reiser jreiser at
Mon Apr 30 19:04:25 UTC 2012

> Palimsest in Fedora 16 reports a disk (MAXTOR STM3320620AS) as failing:  "DISK HAS MANY BAD SECTORS" etc.
> SMART:  197 Current pending Sector Count Value -4 sectors.
> Palimsest in Fedora 17 beta reports the same disk (MAXTOR STM3320620AS) as "OK"
> SMART:  197 Current pending Sector Count 0 sectors  OK.
> Obviously one is incorrect, which one?

They're both incorrect.  The Fedora 16 "Value -4" (that is, "-4" ==> 0xFFFFFFFC)
probably is a bug [although _where_ is unknown: could be palimsest, could be the
interface hardware, could be drive microcode, ...].  The Fedora 17 "OK" is suspect.
Also check with "hdparm" and other tools, even on other OS.

How old is the drive?  That model number says 3-platter, 320MB, SATA.
If it's three or more years old, then just replace it.  A new drive
is $90 or less in US, and 500GB is available for the same price
and same other specs (size, power, heat, performance, ...).
The data is worth far more than that.


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