Draft: compendium image validation testing matrix

Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Thu Aug 9 01:02:53 UTC 2012

Hey, folks. So, as per https://fedorahosted.org/fedora-qa/ticket/307 , I
think we need to add a process for validating the multi-live and
multi-install images that we've been building for the last few releases.
I've put together a draft matrix template for this validation here:


It's similar to the other validation matrices, and the changes are
mostly obvious. The key bit is the layout of the matrix and the test
cases themselves. I haven't actually written any of the specific test
cases yet, but I tried to think of the best way to organize things. We
obviously need to do the basic sanity tests on each image, then we need
to test that each image boots and the menu that lets you select which
sub-image to boot works properly, and also that each sub-image boots and
installs properly. I think that set of tests ought to pretty much cover
the intended functionality of the compendium images. When actually
writing the test cases, we might be able to come up with ways to take
advantage of some of the existing install/base/desktop validation test
cases, but I haven't quite thought that far ahead yet.

I tried to organize the planned test cases as efficiently as possible;
this is the best layout I could come up with, but someone might be able
to suggest improvements. In case it's not obvious, here's roughly what
each test case does:

QA:Testcase Mediakit_ISO_Size and QA:Testcase_Mediakit_ISO_Checksums -
these test cases already exist and can apply without modification to the
compendium images, they simply check that they're within required size
limits (dual-layer DVD size for these images) and the published
checksums match the images.

QA:Testcase_multilive_boot and QA:Testcase_multidvd_boot - these will
simply check that the compendium images themselves boot, when written to
a physical dual-layer DVD and booted as normal. We _may_ also want to
test booting them when written to USB using one specific method. I don't
think we need to test any other way of booting the images, as these
images are specifically intended to be written to physical media and
given out at events; we don't really intend people to download them and
write/boot them via all possible methods themselves, though they can do
that if they really want to. So we don't really need to cover VM booting
of the image, writing to USB via all other possible methods and so on.

QA:Testcase_multilive_menu and QA:Testcase_multidvd_menu - these will
test that the top-level menus on each image, for picking which sub-image
to boot, function correctly. I'm not sure at present if it'll be
possible to just instead write a generic QA:Testcase_multi_menu test
case which would apply to either image; if so, we can do just
QA:Testcase_multi_menu and QA:Testcase_multi_boot test cases and have
one result column for each image (as in the Image sanity table) instead
of four test cases and a single result column.

QA:Testcase_multi_sub_boot and QA:Testcase_multi_sub_install - these
will test that each sub-image on each compendium image boots and
installs correctly. It would probably be unusual for _just one_
sub-image to fail, so we could probably get away with just testing a
single sub-image on each medium, but everything that can go wrong will
go wrong, so we might as well cover everything if we have
time/resources. We may be able to re-use an existing test case instead
of writing new ones here, I'll have to check the exact wording of some
of our existing cases.

Thoughts, comments, objections, suggestions? Can everyone see where this
is going, or am I zooming off up the wrong tree? Can you think of a
better approach? Thanks!
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Twitter: AdamW_Fedora | identi.ca: adamwfedora

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