GNOME3 compatible Dogtail on the way!

Vitezslav Humpa vhumpa at
Wed Feb 8 13:13:44 UTC 2012

Hi Folks,

just wanted to give a heads up for all of you who were wondering what's going
on with Dogtail as there's been no release for some time and no commits into
git Master branch since late 2009. This was due to fact that Dogtail is doing
pretty good and is rather stable with GNOME2/GTK2 applications as well as
because Zack, the previous developer, couldn't maintain it anymore.

Yet with AT-SPI a11y technologies rewritten to use dbus and coming of
GNOME3/GTK3 the times have changed. You might have noticed that current 0.7.0
version simply doesn't work well with GNOME3 in Fedora and elsewhere.

For last couple of months we've been working on porting Dogtail for these new
technologies so that users of newer systems could benefit from it again. We
plan to release an 0.8.0 out of the new 'gtk3' git branch you can already
checkout, while keeping 0.7.0 alive for use on older systems. These two most
likely won't be compatible. But don't worry! Do you have a GNOME2 system like
older Fedora, Ubuntu, RHEL or CentOS? Go for 0.7.x. Do you have bleeding edge
Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint installed? Go for 0.8.x!

The port is currently in alpha stages, still needing some fixes and testing,
but you can already try it out and it might even work for you. Fedora users can
use this unofficial yum repo [1] to get the 0.8.0 alpha. All the others, just
checkout the source code: "git clone git://",
go to the gtk3 branch: "git checkout gtk3" and run the install script as root:
"python". I will be very glad for any help! There are some known issues,
mostly with tools. Notably, Sniff still lacks the UI highlighting and working 
context menus (a top priority now) and the script-recorder hasn't been touched
yet. Other than that, dogtail 'itself' is relatively good to go.

We are currently obtaining the administrator rights for the Trac (so we can
update the home page) as well as downstream Fedora access. Of course, we'd like
to put 0.8.0 into Fedora repos by the time it's released (hopefully in time for F17)!


Vita Humpa
Desktop QE @ Red Hat


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