VirtualBox and test releases

Claude Jones cjoneslists at
Thu Feb 23 21:00:34 UTC 2012

I'm trying to test Fedora 17 RC4 in a Virtual Box environment. I had 
problems doing this with F16 as well. It is up and running, but 
tortuously slow. I noticed that it complained when I was installing the 
guest additions about the 'experimental x' version. Every aspect of what 
I do is slow; bootup takes many minutes, logging in takes over a couple 
of minutes, opening windows or programs, everything. I'm running the 
latest version of VirtualBox from Oracle on a Win7 machine with an i5 
CPU and 4 GB of ram. I've allocated 2 GB to the Fedora VM. Does anyone 
else have this problem?
Claude Jones Brunswick, MD, USA

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