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#284: Create advisory installation validation test cases for VirtualBox
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 Although kernel team (and the rest of the development team) specifically
 don't want to commit to supporting VirtualBox, the practical fact is that
 a lot of people like to run Fedora in VirtualBox, and we don't at present
 have formal testing in place to find out if it's actually working during
 release validation.

 In practice, we usually find out about any bugs via people trying it and
 then posting their results to test@ or the forums, but this is pretty
 rough and ready and it's easy to lose the information. If we add formal
 VBox testing to the release validation process we'll probably find out
 about VBox fails sooner and do a better job of tracking them for possible
 fixes or at least documentation at release time.

 So, ideally, we should write test cases for deploying Fedora as a VBox
 guest (and possibly using it as a VBox host), and add these to the
 installation validation matrix as 'advisory' tests (tests not associated
 with Alpha, Beta or Final release phases, and without a corresponding
 release criterion).

 Dan Mashal, who I hope I've added to CC, is interested in this topic and
 may choose to be an awesome rock star and contribute the test cases :)

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