2012-01-16 - Fedora QA Meeting - recap

Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Sat Jan 21 06:10:47 UTC 2012

As always, minutes and IRC transcript available on the wiki at

Next meeting is scheduled for 2012-01-23 at 1600 UTC in #fedora-meeting.
If you have topics you think we should bring up at the meeting, please
add them to the Wiki page at
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TOPIC: Previous meeting follow-up
	* Covered in AutoQA update section

TOPIC: FUDCon report / follow-up
	* ARM is clearly now a Big Important Thing
	* We will want to do some best-effort testing on it and try and
	  work it into the validation process somehow for F17
	* It may well be going primary arch at F18, the way things look,
	  so we'll want to be prepared for that
	* The new anaconda UI will not go into F17
	* Anaconda team will push new UI into Rawhide targeted for F18
	  as soon as it is capable of performing installs
	* Before that, they will start providing test images as soon as
	  external testing will actually be of use to them, with
	* Bugs that got hand-waved in F16 cycle will need to be fixed
	  for F17
	* Bodhi 2.0 should be done REAL SOON NOW
	* In theory proventesters karma should now have special status,
	  but that hasn't been implemented yet
	* pjones wants us to use a tool he wrote to test if images are
	* bcl has a new live media creation tool he wants us to test 

TOPIC: AutoQA update
	* Logo has been changed to avoid legal issues
	* kparal reported host of Bodhi/Autotest issues due to which
	  some of our tests currently crashes
	* autoqa-results (again) contains only staging results, we will
	  re-enable production results after we deploy 0.8
	* mkrizek found a probable cause why our koji/bodhi watchers
	  get stuck endlessly from time to time
	* depcheck is no longer scheduled as noarch test in some
	  circumstances. This will be fixed on production only after we
	  deploy 0.8
	* hongqing finished rats_install test and asked for review
	* fudcon: we started looking at what kinds of interfaces and
	  data would be needed to effectively isolate AutoQA for
	  repeatable testing 

TOPIC: Open floor
	* there will be some significant sugar changes this cycle:
	  migrating to GTK+ 3

	* adamw to file trac ticket(s) for getting arm into the
	  criteria / validation process somehow
	* adamw to co-ordinate with bcl on making sure all important
	  old-UI bugs discovered in F16 validation get fixed in the
	  old UI for F17
	* tflink to contact lmacken re co-ordination between bodhi 2.0
	  and autoqa
	* adamw to get a discussion going with
	  pjones/kparal/hongqing/robatino to decide how to use pjones'
	  is-iso-bootable test
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