Installation from USB-written images (4/5): DVD.iso + dd

Josef Skladanka jskladan at
Mon Jan 30 13:10:38 UTC 2012

This testcase [1] should ensure, that if the user uses USB stick and transfers the DVD.iso to it using dd, the installation can be successfully finished.
Even though this technically is DVD.iso, we do not require anaconda to successfully use the DVD local package source options (F17 Alpha Release Criterion #7).

I propose this as a Alpha verification testcase.


= Description =

This test verifies that Fedora DVD Image can be booted & installed from USB stick

There are more methods to create the DVD.iso USB stick, this test covers dd.

== Setup ==

* Prepare the DVD ISO image and USB stick.
* Copy the DVD.iso to the USB stick using dd [3]

== How to test ==

* Insert the USB stick containing DVD.iso, and boot the system under test
* Proceed with the installation the usual way. 

== Expected Results ==

* Graphical boot menu is displayed for users to select install options. Navigating the menu and selecting entries must work. If no option is selected, the installer should load after a reasonable timeout
* Installer boots into loader and prompts for language, keymap
* Installer transitions to anaconda without error
* ??? Installer does not offer the USB stick as a target for bootloader and/or partitioning 



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