f17 alpha, dropbox

Petr Schindler pschindl at redhat.com
Fri Mar 2 09:42:05 UTC 2012

On Čt, 2012-03-01 at 11:48 -0800, Benjamin De Kosnik wrote:
> anybody have any luck with dropbox on F17 x86_64? It's not showing up in
> the panel, but is in the applications->internet menu. When clicked, it
> tries to install, but fails. 
> -benjamin

it works for me. I use Gnome shell and dropbox icon is in the tray as
usually. Try to run 'dropbox running; echo $?' if it writes out '0' the
dropbox isn't running. In that case run 'dropbox start' and then
'dropbox autostart y'. If it is running and there still isn't the icon,
problem is elsewhere.

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