Testing Needed for F17 Final Blockers

Tim Flink tflink at redhat.com
Wed May 2 00:16:35 UTC 2012

I just went through the sizable list of F17 final blockers and found a
bunch of things that need to be tested. If you have some spare cycles
and/or are looking for stuff to test - please take a look at the bugs
and suggested tests below.



  - litd uses a single partition now instead of 2
  - needs TC2 and livecd-tools-16.13-1 or livecd-tools-17.10-1
  - When installing with the bootable USB disk, check to make sure that
    the "Installation Repo" is present and working instead of pulling
    everything from the network.

  - setting back time breaks boot
  - needs dracut-018-23.git20120419.fc17
  - Test by disabling ntp, setting back BIOS time a few weeks but not
    too far - fsck will assume a broken system clock and won't error

 - test preupgrade from 16 to 17 to see if pulseaudio still works
 - check for high CPU usage in gnome-shell as well but that may or may
   not be related.

  - test liveusb w/ persistent overlay
  - if the persistant overlay works, this can probably be closed

  - ntp not enabled from firstboot
  - Do a fresh install of F17 with updates-testing enabled
  - enable ntp during firstboot, check if ntp is actually enabled once
    you login to the installed system

  - no rescue shell for fsck errors on boot
  - I'm still not 100% certain how to test this but my first thought
    would be to do an F17 install using LVM (making sure that /home is
    a separate lv from /) and purposely corrupting the fs on /home (see
    [1] for suggestions on how to purposely corrupt the fs)
  - If this is fixed, you should get a rescue prompt from systemd


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