OpenJDK update to J7u4 level?

Fernando Cassia fcassia at
Wed May 2 06:56:42 UTC 2012

Hi there,

I hit a nasty bug with regards to OpenJDK 7 and GTK file requesters.
Currently the Sun Bugparade datase is having hiccups and it cannot display
bug reports (nevertheless it accepted my bug report and assigned it a bug#).

Despite this, I think I may have found a "way too similar" bug report on
Bugparade wrt OpenJDK and GTK file requesters that -while I cannot see its
contents right now- might be exactly the bug I hit.

It apparently has been fixed as per Java 7u4 by Oracle.

My question is: what are the chances of getting OpenJDK 1.7.0 updated to
the J7u4 level?.

I did yum update java-1.7.0-openjdk* but it tells me there's nothing to
This openjdk bug is a show stopper for me as it prevents one particular
Java app I use daily from working. Clicking on any file on a GTK file
requester gives me a thread null pointer exception.

Exception in thread "Thread-7" java.lang.NullPointerException
    at Method)
    at sun.awt.X11.GtkFileDialogPeer.access$000(
    at sun.awt.X11.GtkFileDialogPeer$

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