RAID install proposed blocker

Samuel Sieb samuel at
Thu May 3 05:21:41 UTC 2012

Adam Williamson wrote:
> /boot on RAID was, for a long time, considered a problematic
> configuration and is explicitly excepted from the release criteria. I
> believe the anaconda team's attitude towards this configuration is
> becoming somewhat more liberal, though, so we may have to re-consider
> the criterion.

That part of the criterion was pointed out, so I tried the install again with 
/boot being non-raid and it still had the same problem.  I managed to do a 
workaround, so it's now running the way I originally wanted it (/ on raid).

Anaconda lets you make that configuration, the bootloader supports it, and it 
works (other than that one bug), so it seems that that part of the criterion may 
be outdated now.

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